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5mm Solid Gold Miami Cuban Chains

5mm Solid Gold Miami Cuban Chains

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Introduction: Add a touch of luxury and definitive style to your wardrobe with our 5mm Solid Miami Cuban Necklace. Crafted with precision in your choice of 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, this necklace offers a robust link design in Yellow, White, or Rose Gold that suits any occasion and every wardrobe.


  • Metal Options: Select from 10K, 14K, or 18K gold to fit your budget and durability needs.
  • Color Choices: Available in vibrant Yellow Gold, sleek White Gold, and warm Rose Gold.
  • Design: This necklace boasts the classic Miami Cuban link, celebrated for its durable, interlocking oval links with a flat surface. The design ensures a comfortable fit that is both stylish and robust.
  • MM Size: 5mm thickness
  • Length Options: 16" - 18" - 20" - 22" - 24" - 26"


  • Versatility: Ideal for both casual and formal wear, this necklace can be layered with others or worn alone as a statement piece.
  • Timeless Appeal: The classic Cuban link design is crafted with solid premium gold, making it a staple piece that never goes out of style.
  • Customizable: With multiple metals, colors, and lengths available, you can customize this necklace to perfectly suit your needs and preferences.

Length/Weight Variations:

  • 16" 10k weight between 27.8g and 30.8g
  • 16" 14k weight between 31.6g and 35.6g
  • 16" 18k weight between 36.4g and 40.4g
  • 18" 10k weight between 31gand 35g
  • 18" 14k weight between 36g and 40g
  • 18" 18k weight between 41g and 45g
  • 20" 10k weight between 34.5g and 38.5g
  • 20" 14k weight between 40 grams and 44g
  • 20" 18k weight between 46 grams and 50g
  • 22" 10k weight between 38.3g and 42.3g
  • 22" 14k weight between 43g and 49g
  • 22" 18k weight between 50g and 56g
  • 24" 10k weight between 41g and 47g
  • 24" 14k weight between 47.5g and 53.5g
  • 24" 18k weight between 54.5g and 60.5g
  • 26" 10k weight between 44.5g and 50.5g
  • 26" 14k weight between 51.5g and 57.5g
  • 26" 18k weight between 59.5g and 65.5g

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